Since we set up shop in Richardson two years ago, we have seen the community transform before our eyes. Our location sits at Coit and Campbell, and today we have an abundance of local restaurants to choose from during our lunch break, not to mention we are walking distance to fabulous neighborhoods and beautiful homes. But as you know, Richardson’s expansion is far and wide, and with businesses and activities pouring in every day, it’s a perfect community to love. Check out our favorite places to live, play, shop, snack and dine:


Canyon Creek | Best known for what it sounds like – nature. You’ll find creeks, trees and hills scattered about the neighborhood for residents to enjoy. This North Richardson community offers a park, country club and a wide-range of home prices. It’s a perfect place for growing families to established empty-nesters, and you’ll often catch us at the beautiful golf course.

The Reservation | The homes in this community are just as cool as their namesake. With many streets named after American Indian tribes, the neighborhood has a story to tell that we want to be a part of. It’s a top destination for young families and offers great schools, a fun park, reasonably-priced homes and easy access to freeways.


Wildflower Arts and Music Festival | Richardson has a great arts scene and holds one of our favorite festivals every year. This is a great event for the entire family to enjoy activities, local vendors, food and music. With a huge turnout, you want to make sure and get there early so you don’t miss out on the fun.

Breckenridge Park | A huge park (417 acres to be exact) with a lot to offer. You’ll find the residents of Richardson here on Fourth of July enjoying the fireworks display and various weekends during the year playing sports or hosting a birthday party. With a long walking trail, soccer and softball fields and playground equipment, this park is just as inviting as it sounds.


Beaucoup | As a reader’s best choice for D Magazine’s Best Gift Shop, we know the community of Richardson adores this one-stop-shop for home accessories and women’s wear. There’s charming décor and vintage knick-knacks, which make it a perfect store for all different types of styles.

Richardson Bike Mart | If you’re a cyclist (or even just a once-a-week rider around the pond), you’ve heard of this massive shop located right behind our Nathan Grace office. It has a great selection of mountain bikes, BMX bikes, kid’s bikes and so on. Looking to become more active around your neighborhood? Head to the Bike Mart.


Sweet Firefly | If Food Network loves it, so do we. Owned by locals, this cute shop is always lined out the door. The ice creams and sorbets are hard to beat, and they feature unique flavors that you won’t find anywhere else. The old-fashioned atmosphere is fun for both kids and parents of all ages.

The Popcorn Shack | Also conveniently (and non-coincidentally) located near our office, this snack shop offers a delicious treat that is perfect for an everyday delight and also makes a great gift. If you just can’t get enough, they offer seasonings for a do-it-yourself attempt.


Frankie’s Mexican Cuisine | A Richardson favorite, this authentic and laid-back restaurant has us craving Mexican every night. It’s a family-friendly place that you’re sure to run into your neighbors at. When you go, don’t forget to order the amazing brisket enchiladas…our NG office always has its doors open for leftovers.

Sushi-Sake Japanese Restaurant | Who doesn’t love sushi and new friends? At this local restaurant, you’ll find both. Locally owned and locally loved, Sushi-Sake offers delicious meals and community tables to fit the whole gang.

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