I am originally from Colorado, but I am a southerner at heart so I moved to TX as soon as I could.

I started my career in Real Estate 27 years ago in Property Management. In my 17 years in Property management I learned that I loved developing relationships with my clients and helping them. Service and Relationships drive me so I

I often dreamed about getting my real estate license. So in 2012, when I moved my family to Frisco TX, I jumped in with two feet and have loved every minute of it.

Over the past 27 years, I have been helping my clients and friends with the place they call home. During this time, I have learned that “home” is not just a building made of wood and nails. Home is found in the small details and memories that my clients MAKE in the home. The smell of dinner in the oven, a comfy couch where you read your favorite book or a bedtime story to your kids, the way the holiday lights glow in the window in the winter, the kitchen table where you celebrate with your friends and family and in the backyard where your favorite dog plays catch. Love, joy, comfort, and laughter …these are the things that make a house a home. Those moments and memories become part of you, and what comes to define HOME.

This knowledge and experience helps me to assist my clients in their pursuit of home- and I understand that it is more than just property they are looking for. I listen to my clients and use my knowledge of the area, expertise in marketing, and dedication to my clients to make sure that they find more than just the house- I want them to find home.

10 Things to know about me

I love animals- I have 4 cats, and have never not had a pet- even when I was a young child

My greatest achievement is my 22 year old daughter she is funny, smart and kind, and I think just beautiful inside and out. She is a senior at the University of Alabama working on her Bachelors in Mathematics, Masters in Statistics and then an MBA in Supply Chain and Operational management.

My music playlist is like a drunk DJ- You’ll find just about anything from any genre or time period. Oldies, Disco, Hip Hop, top 40, Country, Alternative, Pop, Folk, Classical, New Age, Electronica.

I am terrible at gardening and keeping plants alive.

I like to sew and craft.

I have no athletic ability, seriously a major clutz! But I LOVE to watch sports.

If I was forced to choose another career. I would teach High School History or special education.

I sing in the car and in the shower, but I would NEVER sing in front of people. Mostly because I am TERRIBLE and have stage fright. But singing makes my heart happy

My favorite dessert is Ice Cream, and my favorite meal is beef stroganoff. My Mom’s is the best, but I make a pretty close second.

My blood is 50% coffee. Its is easily my favorite part of the morning.


My favorite movie is The Princess Bride.

The Princess Bride.
The Princess Bride.
The Princess Bride.