Lake Highlands

Lake Highlands

As the original of the four (soon-to-be five) of our offices, Lake Highlands has a special place in our heart. We love that this community has taken big-city life and turned it into a small-town feel. No matter where you go, you’re bound to see your neighbors and friends, as this community is well-known for supporting their local store owners. Check out some of Lake Highlands’ best places to live, play, shop, snack and dine.


White Rock Valley | With a coveted elementary school and beautiful homes, White Rock Valley is a well-known neighborhood with houses that don’t sit on the market long. Picture mature trees, green hills and short walks to school. There are homes that range in all sizes and price ranges, making it perfect place to nestle for every family.

Merriman Park | Moving onto the other side of Skillman Street, you’ll find Merriman Park. A smaller neighborhood with homes built in the 70s and 80s, there are beautiful remodels and a really great school. We love the parent involvement and support this neighborhood gives to their children and neighbors.


Spray Park | This is a perfect hang out spot for the kids on those hot summer days. Conveniently located at the rec center across from the football stadium, you’ll always find some sort of party going on at the park with parents at the picnic table and kiddos splashing in the water.

White Rock Lake | Just a hop, skip and a jump from Lake Highlands, we love that LH has easy access to the water. One of our favorite parts of White Rock and Lake Highlands are the peacocks you’ll see roaming the trails. It may sound strange, but they make for a beautiful (and a little noisy) site in this community.


The Store in Lake Highlands | The name sounds simple, but the store has a whole lot to offer. It’s the place to go when you’re looking for a birthday gift for a friend or a new top to wear out on the town. With big brand-name items like Vera Bradley, Brighton, Corkcicle and Tyler Candles, The Store can save you from a trip out to the mall. Owned by LH residents, it’s truly the perfect place to shop local.

Gecko Hardware | This local hardware shop is a throwback to small-community livin’ and lovin’. They have everything from keys, to paint, to real life chickens, to unique farmer’s market items. It’s a one-stop-shop for the do-it-yourselfer in your family.


Lake Highlands Creamery | An LH classic that’s finally opening up a brick and mortar. You can now order unique flavors like Cookie Butter in person, rather than just online or at a community event. This ice cream shop will open with the expanded Atomic Pie, a pizza joint that has the town buzzing, and will be right across from the NG office (yay us)!

Hautte Patissere | Our mouths are drooling at the thought of this local sweet shop. Watching them make the desserts from inside the store is almost as good as eating them back at home. Because of course, it takes more than just one treat to cure our sweet tooth.


Tony’s Pizza & Pasta | On a Friday night you’ll find our agents, our friends and our family lining up outside the door for a slice of this pie. A casual atmosphere and a BYOB set-up, Tony’s serves you huge portions for a reasonable price. Next time you’re craving Italian, we highly recommend you check it out.

Resident Taqueria | Relatively new to the LH dining scene, this taco shop has become a big name in a short amount of time. Order a gourmet taco and a grapefruit margarita and eat your meal outside under the cute umbrellas. We love the local owners and we love the easy access from our office!

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