A recent University of Washington study measured the monetary value placed on green spaces around our homes. The study found that the presence of larger trees in yards or along the street can add as much as 15% to neighborhood home values.

Additionally, homes that are adjacent to parks and open spaces may be valued up to 20% higher than similar surrounding homes.

Along with the monetary advantages, there are other benefits to green spaces and mature landscaping. North Texas Realtors know that green spaces can also mean lower utility bills. Cities have lots of concrete, traffic and tall buildings, all of which contribute to "heat islands" - areas that heat up faster and retain heat longer than green spaces. But if trees, parkland and other natural spaces are added into the urban mix, it can mitigate the heat impact. Walkable green spaces can also help with flood control, improved water and air quality and traffic congestion.

A healthy, well maintained landscape that includes mature trees can have a lasting, positive impact on your home's value and on your neighborhood.

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