You may have heard, but this year’s Pantone Colors of the Year are making quite the splash. You’ll find these colors everywhere, from the runway to the home and beyond. For lots of people, color goes no further than the eye. That’s why we love Pantone so much – there’s always a hidden meaning.

What’s the first hidden meaning you ask? According to Pantone’s website, “Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace.” In other words, look at these colors when you’re feeling stressed.

Secondly, Pantone Colors of the Year relate to social movements of today’s world. Catching on yet…blue…pink? Gender equality. As Pantone says, it also coincides with, “a generation that has less concern about being typecast or judged.” We think that underlying message is pretty great.

So now that we’ve got you excited about embracing these two great colors, let’s get to a little shopping! Check out the information below to get your hands on some our favorite Pantone Colors of the Year items.

Rose Quartz:

You can’t get much better than a modern pink accent chair. This piece will definitely add personality to your home.
This (literal) Rose Quartz lamp might be our favorite thing on the list. A trend we’ve seen? These Panton Colors of the Year go great with gold.
We obviously have a thing for real life Rose Quartz, but who doesn’t? Adding a small touch to your home, like this tea light holder, will soften up a room.
Want to go big? We bet you have many places for this fantastic velvet ottoman. Just don’t put your dirty shoes up on this beautiful piece.
Everyone needs a blanket, and everyone needs a little Rose Quartz in their life. Draped over a great white couch gives the room an inviting touch.
These coasters will turn even the most boring glass of water into something elegant and fun. See Rose Quartz item #2…on board yet?

Ready to make a statement? Bring in the blue with a bold piece, like this velvet couch we are obsessing over.
Want something that catches the eye? A statement rug is the perfect piece. Fill your room with Serenity in a “not your mama’s typical rug” type of fashion.
Versatile pieces are always the best pieces. Incorporate the blue in the entry way, dining room, bedroom, etc…you can’t go wrong with this console.
Not brave enough for a couch? A subtle pop of color can make all the difference. Pair this vase with fresh white flowers for a beautiful centerpiece.
Remember what we said about gold pairing well with these two colors? We prove our point again. Try it for yourself with a great accent pillow.
Try Serenity on the walls! We love that this mirror brings out the the best of both antique and modern styles.