The Dallas-Fort Worth and North Texas economy at mid-year 2015 is far stronger and more diversified than ever before.

The Texas economy added 39,200 new jobs in the first 5 months of 2015, with more than 20,400 of those in the DFW area alone. Job growth is particularly robust with several large employers moving their national headquarters to the area.

Home mortgage interest rates ticked up slightly, but are expected to remain at low levels.

The area's current unemployment rate was 3.8% in May - down from 5.1% a year ago.

Lower oil and gas prices are expected to boost both the US and especially the Texas economies.

The median home price in May at $199,900 was up 12% over 2014, and has now surpassed the pre-recession peak.

The overall outlook for the Dallas-Fort Worth and North Texas economy for the remainder of 2015 is exceptionally positive, and the DFW area is expected to lead the nation in job growth, population growth and home sales.

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